The robins stand as thick to-day As flakes of snow stood yesterday, On fence and roof and twig. -Emily Dickinson  


The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued. – From Dust of Snow By Robert Frost


Flowers spread color, vibrance and lots of cheer to an otherwise mundane day. When seasons change, I look forward to all the changes in nature, the little green leaf that peeks out slowly from the stem just like the mischievous kid who hides from her mom, the color sprouting from places you never imagined flowers … More Flowers

Railroad Museum

Our visit to the railroad museum in Ellicott City, MD, was inspired by our love for trains. My best memories of trains are from journeys in India, where we travelled state to state with the entire family. Long distance train travel in India usually involved a lot of preparation, including preparing and carefully packing tasty … More Railroad Museum

Main Street Sights

We recently made a half a day visit to Ellicott City, MD, simply to experience a quaint, small city atmosphere without traveling the miles anything usually requires around here. We were really not too keen on visiting every tourist attraction mentioned on websites, and ¬†instead took a nice walk on Main street and visited the … More Main Street Sights

Mango Pachidi

Mangoes – they are an absolute favorite in our home once they enter our kitchen, regardless of the final form they take! When I was a kid, I remember eating really ripe and sweet whole mangoes raw, without any cutting or cooking. Sure, they get messy, but you cannot beat that experience! Another favorite was … More Mango Pachidi