Fiery Park

Well, we were not really happy with just visiting the Vegas strip – gets boring after a while.

So, we rented a car and headed out to the Valley of Fire State Park. And what a trip it was through the Mojave desert and the mountains. The road stretched for miles onward; very few people, very little man-made structures (except the well-maintained paved road), and a lot of desert color. See for yourself! On our way to the Lakeshore Boulevard (Lake Mead), we saw these abandoned rail cars – three of ’em just sitting there in the desert heat in Boulder City.

Fuji X100, Panorama Mode for the picture on the top panel; the bottom left panel is the road inside the State Park - about a five mile stretch

The Valley of Fire State Park has really colorful sandstone formations (mostly red in color but lots of reddish hues as well).

Fuji X100

Lots of desert squirrels, and vegetation. The color contrasts are what I loved the most.

Fuji X100

There are plenty of trails one can follow deep into the park through the formations. Can you spot the guy hiking on one such trail in this photo?

Fuji x100, f4.5, 1/300

Oh, there was some wildlife too, in addition to the desert squirrels that kept scurrying around.

Fuji X100; f4, 1/250

Did I mention the colors were amazing!

Fuji x100, f4, 1/240

All in all, a beautiful (sunny, hot) day spent in the company of rocks, the desert, its vegetation, the habitat, the colors, and the vastness. The Fuji X100 performed remarkably well. Really loved using it. The drive back to Vegas on NV 169 was breathtaking.

Fuji x100, f5, 1/320

Miles to go before I rest…

Canon S95

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