The Vegas S(trip)

Ah the Vegas strip! I’ve been there many times, but this time I wanted to take some nice low-light (yeah right, with all the neon) pictures with my new Fuji X100. So here it goes.

Caesar’s Palace is my favorite casino for its interior. Wonder who designed it…Caesar himself? People were kinda numb at the Numb bar; Caesar’s sauna changes colors – I want one of those!

Fuji X100, Provia settings

Beautiful art wherever you looked – and the colors were just exploding. Palatial, most certainly!

Fuji x100, Provia Settings

We saw this really nice Versace display – very elegant clothing, I must say. Caesar and Cheesecake – thankfully, the logo blended nicely with the theme, or Caesar would’ve been upset for sure!

The neon was getting stronger by the night. The weather was nice for a quick stroll along the entire length of the strip.

Casinos on the Strip
More casinos on the strip
Hard to pick where to spend your money.

Had your fill? No? Here’s one more.

Casinos at almost the opposite ends of the strip.

The crowds were not getting any thinner. Lots of people trying their luck or looking for entertainment.

People on the strip.
People waiting for the Fountain at the Bellagio

What’s a Vegas trip without trying your luck a bit?

Top panel is a Panorama on Fuji X100

There’s me trying my luck. She thought I was a high roller!

High Roller?

The fountain at the Bellagio was pretty nice.

Fountain at the Bellagio

If there’s one thing that will keep bringing me back, it’s the colors.

Thank the Gods for the Colors

Until next time, Las Vegas. Keep ’em burning bright!


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