Bhutan on the Border

I’m just in love with the beautiful Bhutan-inspired architecture on my university campus! We fondly call our campus Bhutan on the Border.

A new Bhutanese style building on campus across the ravine that hosts lots of desert plants

I was teaching in the classroom building on campus on a particularly stormy night, and the orange of the lights and the blue of the storms caught my eye.

Classroom building and the Bhutanese architecture on a particularly stormy night.

The Franklin mountains do make it magical in the big sky country that El Paso, Texas is.

Evening view of classrooms with the mountains as backdrop

The lights from the classrooms accentuate the color in the sky from the thunderstorms – it turned out to be a hailstorm later that night.

Classroom lights in the night

The desert garden in the backyard of the classrooms assumed their own colors in response to the thunderstorm threat in the skies.

Desert garden near classrooms

Bhutanese architecture on campus is going retro – the new buildings on campus now have beautiful blue and orange and red trims that give it a retro look.

Retro styled engineering building has not lost its Bhutanese lineage
Modern retro Bhutanese themed engineering building

The colors in the mosaic panels are breathtaking – they blend well not only to represent Bhutan but I think also Mexico (have you seen the colors in Mexican-styled homes?)

Colored mosaics represent a blend of Bhutan and Mexico if you ask me
The tiles are wonderful mosaics

Here’s the new Health Sciences Building and the lawn in front of it – the lawn is a great resting place for a quick afternoon nap or for meeting friends opposite the library and drinking a cuppa coffee. Interesting how all trees point to Mexico.

New Health Sciences Building

I’ll leave you with a picture I took on my iPhone one night after class that I think nicely captures the Bhutanese style architecture on campus, and the big sky country that El Paso, Texas is with its breathtaking sunsets.

Profile of Bhutanese architecture on campus during a gorgeous sunset

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