Hoover Dam

Only a few hours from Vegas, we headed out to the Hoover Dam early in the morning. The sunrise in Vegas from our hotel room was just spectacular.

Sunrise in Vegas. Whoever said the Vegas strip is only lit at night!


After a nice drive through some pretty terrain, there it was, the breathtaking Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam from the Parking Lot

The structure itself is amazing even for an engineer like me.

The canyon walls are massive and breathtaking.
Hoover Dam Bridge which was an imposing structure.

Is that door really made of gold? The workers were polishing the door to make it shine.

Golden door?

Our tour guide said several workers died building the Hoover Dam. Workers like this one.

A memorial to the worker in the Hoover Dam.

I can imagine why many workers died building the dam. My head was spinning just looking at the water from the top. Phew!

Water and hills go together really nicely.
The tour guide said he didn't understand why a lot of people would come to see concrete!

People were thrilled to be there, especially on a sunny, pleasant day.

Nice clock tower indicating Nevada time.
People on the highway near the Hoover Dam

I really liked the helmet on this guy driving slowly on the highway.

Biker with a cool helmet on the highway near Hoover Dam

Our tour took us inside the dam, and it was just breathtaking. This lady who was part of my tour group wanted to be in all my pictures. Here she is in front of the tunnels into the dam. Beautiful lighting though.

Beautiful lights near the tunnel

For all my civil engineering students, they have seismic sensors; our tour guide said they have almost daily small tremors.

Seismic sensor inside Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam – real engineering marvel. Kudos to all the engineers and workers who built it.

Hoover dam, a real engineering marvel.

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