Bhelpuri, Indian Chaat Delicacy

Bhelpuri is an Indian Chaat delicacy. Quite similar to a salad in preparation, but spicy, tangy, sweet and soft-crunchy describes its taste! Best with a cup of masala chai, some rain outside, and a good book or movie!

Step 1: Cut red onions, tomatoes. Coriander, a handful. Aren’t the colors of veggies lovely?

Onions, Tomatoes and Cilantro

Step 2: Tamarind date chutney and bhelpuri chutney mix, both of which are sauces that add tanginess, fruity sweetness and spiciness to the bhelpuri. I always add extra doses of this tangy deliciousness! Green chilli paste according to your spice taste preference. Here I have used half a teaspoon.

Tamarind Chutney

Step 3: This is puffed rice, the main ingredient for bhelpuri. About 2 cups will serve 2.


Step 4: Add the cut onions, tomatoes, coriander, and green chilli paste to the puffed rice and give it a good toss.



Step 5: This is my favorite part – start adding the chutney mix and the tamarind date chutney. Hard to stop – the more the better as seen in the next pictures!


Step 6: Plenty of tamarind date chutney and chutney mix added here. You can add chaat masala powder, but I didn’t have that handy.


The final product – best when eaten immediately as you don’t want it to become all soggy! All the ingredients can be bought in your local Indian store. The verdict after tasting – delicious and brings back great memories of street food in India. Enjoy the pictures for now. 🙂



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