Homecoming…or coming home…

I have to agree there’s always something to coming [or going home] that is moving and emotional. I used to feel this when I used to make the nearly 9000 mile trip home to India every year for vacation or to accompany my mother on her trip to/from the States. The best parts would be the early morning [2 am] snack at home, and the nearly 3 to 4 day resting [and pampering] period to overcome jet lag. Well, I could go on and on about my personal joys of going home…but I would digress.

So, I wanted to capture some of the joys and celebrations of homecoming for alumni and others in a university, and took the opportunity to walk around campus, witness the homecoming parade, and take pictures of interesting people I met at the homecoming event. I also got the chance to try out my new camera [a fuji x100], and complete my daily walking and exercising quota – a double bonus! Here are some pictures I took from the event.

What’s homecoming without a little parade spirit and the big bands? This one brass player was intensely looking at me when I snapped this picture. I also loved the shadows in the harsh sun.



I tried a bit of shooting from the hip, so to speak, and took a quick picture of this pro newswoman – I think she liked my camera.


Students from the ROTC added a touch of patriotic feeling in the parade.


What would the devil take a picture of with a camera [and a DSLR at that]?


Football fans take note – we’re the land of Don Haskins and the Sun Bowl.


Look ma, I can fly!


Can I get that hairdo at Supercuts…hmmm…mental note to ask next time…


Notwithstanding the face paints…


Talk about symmetry and balance in a photograph…and these twins show up in my frame…


World champion bull rider was in attendance.


Now, that’s what I call an engineer’s cheer…


Here are two more interesting and colorful shots on a hot, sunny day.



All in all, a wonderful experience for me. I felt at peace…I was home.



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