Main Street Sights

We recently made a half a day visit to Ellicott City, MD, simply to experience a quaint, small city atmosphere without traveling the miles anything usually requires around here. We were really not too keen on visiting every tourist attraction mentioned on websites, and  instead took a nice walk on Main street and visited the railroad museum (post coming up soon).

Evening Out

I always love how people seem carefree when they are on city streets either sightseeing, shopping or just walking like we did. It gives a very laid-back feeling and lets you realize how free you feel when you let your guard down.


Looks like the little kid peering at me taking a picture of his/her family got a toy from all-time toys store.

Main Street Sights

One of the things that drew us to this place were the colors you see around. This building (The Obladi Hotel I think) was literally purple in color, making me wish for a curtain with streaks of golden purple to let in the orange from the glorious sun. It always feels wonderful when manmade colors in structures so peacefully co-exist with nature’s colors. Can man really reproduce colors from nature?

Obladi Hotel

This apartment building is one of the oldest it says on the sign. For some reason, there seems to be lot of yellow and red color all around Main Street. The sun did its part perfectly too.

Old Apartment on Main Street

Talking of colors, I love colored lamps in all shapes, forms and textures. Especially those lantern kinds. Aren’t they lovely? They always give me a rustic feel! The highlight of this lamp here is how its colors coordinate so well with the brick structure its attached to.

Shops in Main Street

Although Main street is just one long street lined with shops (a lot of antique ones at that) and restaurants, it curves into these hilly streets now and then. I have always liked hilly streets, because it creates a sense of mystery of what lies ahead beyond what you can see. We used to visit a lot of hill stations like Ooty, and Kodaikanal in India, and these hilly streets made me reminisce those days.

Main Street, Ellicott City

The sun was having a field day, like it has been all this winter. It felt as if the street in this picture (actually called Hill street) was calling out to us to say goodbye. The lone jeep seems to be revving towards the sun, towards light, just like all of us are constantly running towards something brighter in our lives.

Hill Street


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