Railroad Museum

Our visit to the railroad museum in Ellicott City, MD, was inspired by our love for trains. My best memories of trains are from journeys in India, where we travelled state to state with the entire family. Long distance train travel in India usually involved a lot of preparation, including preparing and carefully packing tasty food for the long train journey: there is a leaf called “manthara ilai” (similar to banana leaf, but more drier) that we packed the food in. The specialty of this natural packaging is that the food just takes more flavor and smell from the leaf!

My cousins and I often stayed up in the train and chatted all night, and exchanged secret giggles carefully enough not to wake up the elders. It is amazing how we vividly remember our travels, more than anything our memories can hold.

At the railroad museum, we had a good time seeing and photographing the red and yellow model trains, mini toy trains, tracks, metal and rust, and the insides of how early trains looked back in the days. Here are some pictures from our day trip.

Stoplights Display

A carriage whizzing past on a track.

Train Schedule Board

Bench in Train Station

Bell in train station

Long way to go

B & O Railroad

Ready for Dinner

Toilets in Train

Ride the Train

Green Metal

Train Compartment Connections


Nuts and Bolts

Carriage Wheel



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